Hey Everyone,

I’ve been working on this game, Electric Noir, part-time for about 6 months now and it’s finally in a spot where I can get some constructive feedback on a few of the core systems. This version here contains a single area of the game built to show off some of the games narrative and combat systems.

I’ve made a few small games before, but nothing quite like this before and would love some feedback or suggestions on how to improve on it.

You can download the game over on itch.io: https://literally-a-cat.itch.io/electric-noir

And you can submit feedback about the alpha here: https://forms.gle/GgDTy2wvSqMPLqXTA

Can I Stream the alpha?

Yes! I’d recommend starting up the alpha before you stream, just to be sure it launches ok and looks good. Also, if you know you’re going to stream it ahead of time hit me up on twitter @codeimpossible , @electricnoir or on twitch @literally_a_cat as I’d love to see you play and be there to answer any questions.

Thank you so much for playing and I hope you enjoy this first alpha of Electric Noir.